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Online Travel Agent (OTA)

Today, travel consumers are likely to shop around to get best hotel deals, holiday packages, day tours and car hire. The rise of the web has fragmented tourism market. So what strategies do you need to put in place to make sure you meet the challenges? Our ready-to-use travel software package, TravelSys enables travel agent to manage day-to-day travel services and motivating the staff to be proactive.

TravelSys Business Benefit

Solutions for B2B wholesales and B2C internet bookings in form of an online application
Easy-to-use tools allow you to introduce new products instantly
Free constant upgrading of software
Reach potentials customers by online communication
Keep your clients updated with events & news managers
Optimize functions for your business field

TravelSys Business Benefit

It’s not surprise that travel business are racing to get innovation on the market to increase revenue and reach to customer/ partner through online channel. For us the first step of designing the great website is understand our customer’s core business. We offer the skills and experience necessary to ensure that your website stays smart, easy to use and reaching your target audience.

Real-Time content management system (CMS)

Growing your customer base in the competitive OTA market requires a combination of good brand awareness and strong online visibility in organic and paid search. In this arena, having excellent digital presentation and user experience is as important as good content.

Global booking trends

There is no doubt internet bookings have grown over recent years current trends indicate that traveller is moving from offline booking methods to online and this is a new approaches to selling and servicing the new online market business models. We created numbers of travel sites uses simple point-and-click technology

Manage day-to-day travel services

Since professional services & customers satisfaction are key to the success of travel agency business, the the effectiveness and efficiency of the daily operation management, communication and customer relation become an important part of growing travel and tourism industry. TravelSys Solutions helps travel organization improve customer experiences while generating an online booking across the web.